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Roca was an object used to weave thread to do wool. Initially it was done of craft alone way later with the Industrial Revolution passed it to be made mechanically.. 


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Praça Amarela
Apartado 42 3280-909
Castanheira de Pêra



The pool at Rocas Beach is an amusement and leisure complex situated on a lake almost 1 km in length in the heart of Castanheira de Pêra Villa.
With an island in the center of the lake, a 2100 square meter swimming pool with it's own wave generator (the largest in Portugal), and a lagoon with a connecting bridge, Rocas Beach forms a dream-like reality.

The peaceful clear waters of this enchanted tropical paradise flow down from the cool mountain aquifer of the Lousa Range, far above Castanheira de Pêra.
Here you can enjoy a leisurely cruise in one of our rental row boats or take a stately swan pedal boat for a spin around the lake, or even spend the night in a cozy sailboat berthed alongside the marina. We also have six bungalows situated at the edge of the lagoon, each with a spectacular view of the reflections mirrored in the pool.
Since it's grand opening in 2005, the Rocas Beach's attendance has reached the phenominal number of over 400,000 guests.

Have you visited us? You are always welcome at Rocas Beach.